Centre of Excellence in Estonian Studies (CEES) is a joint project involving 15 research groups with more that 60 researchers (PhD) and more than 50 PhD students from the Estonian Literary Museum, the University of Tartu, the Institute of the Estonian Language, the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, and Tallinn University of Technology. The CEES focuses on Estonian studies in the widest sense: the complex study of transcultural and emblematic phenomena within Estonian linguistic and cultural space, and on the evolvement of digital humanities and computer analysis.

The CEES is coordinated by the Estonian Literary Museum; the head of the project is lead research fellow Mare Kõiva.


The total budget of the project is 4,819,437.90 euros.

The financing period of the CEES is 2016-2023.


The official homepage of the CEES: http://www.folklore.ee/CEES/


CEES’ events: more information here